Recent Developments in Blind and Dyslexic Technology

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Albert Einstein and Edison Thomas were both dyslexics. Where would the world be if we had considered them both learning impaired and that their gifts unrecognized?

Dyslexia is considered, “word blindness.” Due to a person’s perception a flaw does not sort out the order of words within a sentence or a letter within a word.

Dyslexia is a learning brain-based disability that impairs comprehension and fluency accuracy while reading and spelling. The disorder varies from person to person. It can be inherited in families and often occurs (more…)

Recent Developments in Blind and Dyslexic Therapy

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Significant progress has been made in treatment of blindness and dyslexia, two conditions that affect people’s sense organs in some way. People with a specific kind of blindness now can be granted some form of “sight” via a device known as an “artificial retina”, which is implanted into the blind person’s eye, and is made up of electrodes. In addition, this device functions with the use of special glasses with a portable camera. Due to this development, certain blind individuals will be able to cross the street without assistance, (more…)

Leading Therapy Options For The Blind And Dyslexic

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If you have a loved one who is blind or has a lot of trouble reading words, the best thing for you to do for that individual is to seek treatment for them. Getting that person in a counseling and therapy course is going to help them tremendously in a number of different ways. One way that therapy can help someone who is blind is that it will help to teach them how to read Braille and how to be able to decipher signs and (more…)

International Organizations Offering Support For The Blind And Dyslexic

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International organizations offering support for the blind and dyslexic are in dire need of private and public funding. Unfortunately, many of these institutions are unable to operate to full capacity with the current level of donations that they are receiving. These places are extremely important fixtures in society, and many people rely on the services that they provide. If people allow donations to cease for these charitable organizations, thousands of upstanding members of society will suffer as a result. Logic dictates that more people should consider parting with a few (more…)

Understanding Dyslexia and How to Manage It

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In order to learn how to manage dyslexia, be it that of your family member or someone else, you first need to understand what dyslexia is. In short, dyslexia is a broad term that defines a learning disability wherein the sufferer’s ability to read and write are severely impaired. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you are reading an article about shopping for green energy. Take this sentence:
Shop for electricity rates in Texas.

To a person suffering from dyslexia, the sentence might look a little something like this:
Shop electricity rates texas

Notice the absence of conjunctions and punctuation.

As it stands right now, there is no cure for dyslexia, but it can be managed and the inaccuracies, to some degree, can be curbed with early detection and appropriate educational support. There are even forms of assistive technology in the form of spellcheckers and text-to-speech programs that can be downloaded on smartphones and other portable devices that can not only make life easier but promote further accuracy in both reading and writing. Even specially designed fonts can appeal to people with dyslexia and further the reading and writing abilities of those suffering.

The important thing to remember is that early detection is key. It’s much easier for a child to learn to read and write than it is for an adult to unlearn what they might inaccurately be interpreting.

Blind And Dyslexic Support In The East Coast

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Blindness and dyslexia are very debilitating conditions. They hinder a person’s quality of life by limiting access to resources and opportunities that the normally sighted may take for granted. Fortunately there are many different organization that help to improve the quality of life for those with vision issues. These various organization do our entire society a great service by helping the disabled improve their quality of life via various services and the use of adaptive technologies. One such group, Learning Ally, formally called Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, provides an awesome service. Their (more…)

Blind And Dyslexic Support In The South

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Having a relative or even a child that is blind or dyslexic is one of the most difficult things that anyone can imagine. There is so much extra worry about the type of treatment they will need, the type of schools, benefits and medications that they have to take. Most people are not even aware that there are certain places that are specifically made for just that type of person that will teach them how to be independent and give (more…)

Blind And Dyslexic Support In The West Coast

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For anyone who is Dyslexic or blind there is support available in the local area. These conditions can be challenging but there are organizations that provde support and options to assist with everyday tasks. If you are dyslexic, reading numbers or letters can be frustrating at times. But with the support you can stay focus and on track. Being blind doesn’t have to mean you cannot still do many things in your life. You can learn to read books written in braille by instructors (more…)

Blind And Dyslexic Support In California

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3.4 million Americans are legally blind while another 15 of the population has been diagnosed with dyslexia. That means one in every 7 Americans. With statistics like that chances are you or someone you know is dealing with one of these issues and that means you know how important it is to have the support you need.

There are a vast number of resources available throughout California. Support, assistance and tools come in all shapes and sizes. From finding just the right book to educate you on the subject to finding the right person to assist, learning centers both large and (more…)